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Use the eInformatics Ordering Integration with VisionWeb

eInformatics is a physician technology services company offering award winning and market leading solutions to physicians in the areas of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management, provider office automation and high speed physician to physician electronic connectivity.

eInformatics is a Value Added Reseller for the MedInformatix Practice Management/EMR system and also develops, services and supports OptiMatix. OptiMatix reduces paperwork and time by allowing you to seamlessly share data with MedInformatix and access order and inventory information electronically.

OptiMatix integrates with VisionWeb to allow customers to place and track spectacle lens orders to Essilor Laboratories of America, from within the OptiMatix system. For more information about eInformatic ordering integrations with VisionWeb, please contact eInformatics at 614-457-4359.

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To view the OptiMatix/VisionWeb Spectacle Lens Ordering Interface FAQ, click here.



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