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Mission Statement

We are on a mission to make it easier for people in the eyecare industry to do their jobs. We believe that we can do this by being open and neutral, using the internet to connect people, and delivering technology that isn’t just useful, but that people actually want to use.

A Common Vision
VisionWeb was founded in 2000 by Essilor of America, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. As an independent company, VisionWeb, delivers the speed, efficiency, and connectivity of the Internet to all participants in the eyecare industry - enhancing their productivity and profitability with a single resource to serve their informational, educational, and commerce needs. Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., Jobson Medical Information LLC, Marchon Eyewear, Inc., the American Optometric Association, and Transitions Optical, Inc. have since become equity partners of VisionWeb. Over the past four years, hundreds of independent suppliers and laboratories have joined the VisionWeb network. 

A View of the Future
VisionWeb continues to pioneer technology that enables the eyecare industry to automate business processes and increase efficiency. We pride ourselves on creating an open and neutral exchange on the Internet by working with eyecare professionals, suppliers, laboratories, software providers, and other industry leaders. It is our goal to always stay progressive in the industry and uphold the VisionWeb mission.

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