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Read what ODs have to say about how VisionWeb's suite of services have helped modernize their practices.


Claims Management

Dr. Fadel  

“Having the reassurance that my insurance income isn’t dependent on a single employee and not having to lift a finger or worry about what is happening throughout my billing cycle has given me much less stress, more money, and more freedom to focus on my favorite part of owning a practice – patient care.”

- Dr. Emil Fadel
Owns Multiple Eyecare Practices Across Texas

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“As the OD, you can't try and be an expert in everything. Your primary responsibility is providing the best patient care possible, and if you try to do too much with your time, other things will suffer as a result...Rather than learn the intricacies of medical billing, I set out to look for a service provider who was competent, efficient, and affordable for my start-up practice.”

- Dr. Katie Kaufman
Westlake Eyecare & Boutique

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 Dr. Kaufman

“I have an employee who uses VisionWeb to file our medical billing claims. She has nothing but good things to say about how the claims go through, and the e-mails that follow up on the status of the claims. It is great not to fill out paper HCFA forms, and forgetting to fill in one box. VisionWeb reminds you to fill in anything you forget. We have been using VisionWeb for Medical billing for about 4 years.”

- Dr. Ronald Cope, Optometrist
Cope Optometrics Inc. - Midlothian, IL


“From the very first day that I contacted VisionWeb, I have always felt reassured that my needs were going to be well taken care of. I remember working with Chris McCully initially. He was very well informed and did a fabulous job of getting our first few sites setup and running. In the following months, I worked with Kyle McIntosh and Chris both to bring on our other sites. Both Chris and Kyle lead me through all the required information to get our sites enrolled and ready to go. They were both very patient and well informed on what needed to be done to get our claims flowing.

With ten retail optical locations in 4 different states, we had many hurdles to overcome to make it all work and the VisionWeb staff handled all of our issues and helped keep my sanity as we moved into this new aspect of our business. Since each of the optometrists were enrolled under their own Tax ID, it made our enrollment that much more complicated and I'm sure proved to be a bit of a challenge. Regardless, Chris, Kyle, and the entire VisionWeb staff took care of our needs.


The real payoff is the day to day operation. Each of our ten sites login, process claims, pick up reports and review ERA's through the easy to use web pages. The ability for each site to batch claims, send them in a single file and get instant confirmation makes short work of their claims processing duties.

Additionally, it's simple for our corporate staff to be able to not only monitor the progress of claim activity but to get analytics that helps us understand our usage. One of the biggest advantages comes in the area of access. When one of our sites has an issue with a claim, VisionWeb's interface makes it easy for me to assist them in locating a claim, and tracking it's progress through VisionWeb's system so we can find out exactly where the claim is.

We like the tiered pricing and automated billing through our corporate account. The billing is emailed to our central office where we can review how well our sites are making use of their access. Any billing questions we have ever had have been handled fairly and quickly.

VisionWeb handles all our needs and keeps our claims flowing and traceable so we never miss a beat.”

- Jay Teutsch, IT Director
Exact Eye Care - Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska


Practice Management & EHR

Dr. Stanley 

“My staff and I can manage and track a patient’s journey from check-in through check-out all from one window, cutting down on having to learn multiple tools or memorize different logins. Because Uprise is an all-in-one solution, we don’t have to manage different invoices or worry about integrations working correctly. More importantly, we were able to add three more exam slots each day and add significant revenue potential.”

- Dr. Matt Stanley
Eyecare Associates of Manhattan, PA

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“What has been a huge help for me is the ability to automatically send notes that I make during the exam to my front desk at checkout. When a patient goes up front, my staff already has the information they need to print prescriptions, place orders, and pay invoices all on one tab. Additionally, being able to have patients fill out their paperwork before the exam has helped us cut five to seven minutes from the exam because their information is directly imported to the patient’s profile and the EHR for me to quickly review..”

- Dr. Shazeen Ali
Ranch Road Vision Source

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 Dr. Ali

Optical Dispensing


“VisionWeb’s ordering service is very easy to use. We use the site to check availability in powers and add-ons so there's no need to call the lab, which is a major time-saver. We can also check the status of the orders quickly online through VisionWeb, so we know exactly where our jobs are in processing. The order layout is neat and organized, even printouts of orders are easier to read if we need them. Therefore there are less mess-ups and confusion, which helps us keep our patients happy."

- Wiley Curtis, O.D.
VisionSource - Arlington, TX


“Our practice relies on VisionWeb. It allows us to be more efficient and more accurate, so we can spend more time concentrating on quality care for our patients.”

- Laurie L. Sorrenson, O.D., FAAO
Lakeline Vision Source – Austin, TX


“To me, for a practice who is considering whether or not to use VisionWeb, the decision should not be a decision at all. All small businesses measure their success by their bottom line and by the satisfaction of their customers, which always results in a bottom-line increase. VisionWeb has made our small office so much more productive that I now consider it a critical member of our office team! For us, the proof of VisionWeb's value has been in the numbers, numbers that have been skyrocketing by saving us time ever since we started using VisionWeb. I think that every optometric practice in America should use VisionWeb!”

- Heather Lawrence, O.D.
Tamarkin Eye Associates – York, PA

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