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Optical Dispensing and Ordering Solutions


Making Optical Dispensing Easier for Your Eyecare Practice

Whether you are a single location dispensary ordering from one lab, or a multi-location operation doing business with several labs, VisionWeb’s ordering solution will make you more efficient.

In fact, our free ordering platform is so simple that 20,000 eyecare practices place more than 16 million orders per year.

 Features & Benefits
What will you get when you order on VisionWeb? Features designed to help save time and money. It’s not just another way to order, it’s a better way to order. Oh, and did we mention it’s a free service for eyecare practices?
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 Connected Laboratories
VisionWeb users have access to over 400 laboratories. And we’re not just talking about Spectacle Lenses. You’ll find the top Contact Lens Distributors and Frame Manufacturers too.
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 Practice Management Integrations
Using an integration, you can use the practice management system in your dispensary and reduce duplicate data-entry.
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