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Use the RevolutionEHR Ordering Integration with VisionWeb

RevolutionEHR is the leading provider of Web-based practice management and electronic health record systems for the optometric community. RevolutionEHR recognizes optometrists are not in the business of record keeping, accounting, and maintaining complex IT systems.  Rather, they are in the business of patient care. RevolutionEHR is an online solution that provides optometrists the freedom to focus on patient care.

RevolutionEHR’s seamless integration with VisionWeb provides opticians and lab managers increased efficiencies when ordering eye care products, such as spectacle lenses, contact lenses, and frames. A single login, reduction of data entry, and integrated status enhances the work flow of the practice.

If you are comfortable using the VisionWeb’s online portal for placing orders, you will understand the convenience of moving to a completely online practice management and electronic health record solution. For more information on the RevolutionEHR ordering integration with VisionWeb contact RevolutionEHR at (866) 261-0688 or visit

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