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Attach Trace Files to your Spectacle Lens Orders

You can upload trace files to accompany the spectacle lens orders you place using VisionWeb.

Some tracers require an interface to send trace files with your orders. Compatible tracers are listed below with links to interface downloads and instructions for getting the interface where relevant:

AIT Tracers
Interface Download

Coburn Technologies
Please contact to obtain the license key and interface download for the following compatible tracers and blockers: CFR 4000 and HFR 8000 tracers; HAB 8000 and HBK 7000 auto blockers.

DIA Optical FD-80 Tracer
Interface Download

Essilor Phi Tracer 
Interface Download 

Gerber Coburn Envoy II
Interface download not necessary for customers with Innovations or Innovations Lite software.    

Gerber Coburn Rae
Interface download is not necessary for customers with Innovations or Innovations Lite software.

HOYA GT-3000
Interface download is available by calling Hoya Vision Care at (800) 520-5122. Hoya will install the necessary software free of charge to any Hoya customer. 

National Optronics 4T, 5T, and Dimension Tracer
Interface Download 

Santinelli Tracers 
The interface download is compatible with all of the following tracers, edgers, and blockers: Lt 900 Satellite Tracer, Lt 910 Satellite Tracer, Lt 980 XtremeD Tracer, Lt 1000 Satellite Tracer, Lt 1200 XtremeD Tracer, Ice 1000 Integrated Blocker/Tracer, Ice 9000 Integrated Blocker/Tracer, Le 9000 Edger w/Tracer, Le 1000 Edger w/Tracer, Lex 1000 Edger w/Tracer
Interface Download


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