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A Claim Processing Solution without all the Phone Calls

Our online claim processing service makes electronic billing a snap to simplify insurance. Submit electronic claims, verify eligibility, and receive status reports – all without calling the insurance company or visiting multiple sites.

This is what you will get…

Electronic claim submission

  • Submit primary and secondary claims to thousands of payers
  • Use direct-data-entry on or upload from a PM System

Systematic error-checking

  • Automatic error-checking to catch mistakes before submission
  • Notification of errors, including instructions for correcting 

Easy claim tracking

  • Check claim status online, in real-time
  • Access easy-to-read summaries

Reporting and Analytics

  • Instant and ongoing reports throughout the reimbursement cycle
  • Built-in analytics views to track payments, denials, and delays

Accurate eligibility checks

  • Check patient eligibility with multiple payers from one site
  • View complete benefit profiles for patients

Training and support

  • Dedicated consultant during the paperwork and implementation process
  • In-person and recorded training sessions for you and your staff
  • Ongoing support for the life of your account
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