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Features, Packages, and Pricing to Fit Your Practice

Subscriptions are available in multiple levels and we will work with you to create a package that meets your specific needs. Here are the basics to give you an idea of features included in each subscription type.

Clearinghouse Features and Benefits
Hundreds of payersCoverage for most medical and vision insurance programs
Enrollment assistancePerformed by us for you at no charge
Training and setupPerformed by us for you at no charge
Telephone and email supportExtended business hour support at no charge
Eligibility & benefit checksEasy online process
Online claims submission via website or most practice management applicationsFlexible solution doesn't disrupt your practice
Instant claim scrubbing, with Additional Payer Rules, to catch mistakes in real-time and prevent payment delaysCatch Medicare and other payer coding and procedure mistakes immediately. Our solution reduces denials by catching the issues the moment the claim is submitted rather than passing them through the payer where they deny
Support for secondary claimsAutomatic processing of primary and secondary claims
Electronically fix rejected claimsEasy online process to correct filing errors and rejected claims
Electronic resubmission of denials No More Duplicate Denials or Paper Claims to Track
Claim trackingAlways know claim status
Robust, online reportingKeep good financial controls
Unlimited ERAsIncluded at no extra cost
WorkgroupsAbility to route and prioritize rejections
Packages and Pricing
Tiers Monthly Fee # Transactions Included Additional Transactions and/or paper claims One Time Startup Fee Annual Fee
1 $68 100 $0.49 $250 $0
2 $118 250 $0.49 $250 $0
3 $188 500 $0.49 $250 $0
4 $318 1000 $0.49 $250 $0
Custom Call Call Call $250 $0
Why We Are Different
We only handle optometry claims so you have our full attention.
Our instant claim scrubbing catches most errors so you can correct them without delaying payment.
Online resubmission of denied claims reduces further delays in receiving payment.
We'll enroll you with any payers requiring enrollment. We handle the Red tape.
You have no limit on ERAs, they do not count toward your transactions.
We have extended support hours to help you with any issues or training needs.
Our reporting tells you where your claims are in the process and helps you manage your practice finances.
Additional transactions or paper claims are 0.49 each for all tiers.
Included transactions refer to the total number of claims and/or benefit checking transactions included in pricing tier. ERAs are unlimited and do not count toward your claims and/or benefit checking transaction totals. Additional pricing tiers are available for practices with more than 1,000 total transactions per month. Fees include billing for one tax id number. Auto-posting Files are included with any package containing claims submission and/or electronic remittance files.
*Note: Enrollment Assistance, Rejection Workgroups, High-level Claims Scrubbing, Electronic Resubmission, Robust Reporting and ERA Auto-posting are generally NOT included in competitor's base offerings.
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