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Everything You Need to Manage Optometry Claims

Improve Your Billing Department with Our Clearinghouse Solution

VisionWeb brings every aspect of insurance claim filing together in one complete, online solution. It’s affordable for any practice and will help improve claim acceptance and expedite reimbursements.

Unlike other clearinghouses, VisionWeb only serves optometry. So we understand the unique claim filing needs of your busy eyecare practice.

Take It One Step Further with VisionWeb’s Insurance Revenue Cycle Management

Our team can handle virtually every aspect of the billing cycle for you. From the initial filing, all the way through reporting, we’ve got your covered.

Features & Benefits
No matter how simple or complex your claim filing needs, we have the tools to give you better control of this part of your business. From the first eligibility check through managing electronic remittance information, you can do it all with VisionWeb.

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Available Insurance Payers
You have access to thousands of medical insurance payers when you use VisionWeb. There’s no longer a need to visit multiple sites to manage medical claims, all of your payers are here.

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Uploading from Your Software
Have you invested in practice management software at your office? Claim uploading allows you to simply batch claims and upload them for processing. No duplicate data-entry, just a few clicks and you’re done.

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Insurance Revenue Cycle Management
VisionWeb’s optometry-focused revenue cycle management service processes over $1m in vision and medical claims per month. We work as an extension of your team to resolve billing errors, rejections, and denials to maximize your cash flow from claim reimbursements.

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