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Features, Packages, and Pricing to Fit Your Practice

Subscriptions are available in multiple levels and we will work with you to create a package that meets your specific needs. Here are the basics to give you an idea of features included in each subscription type.

Insurance Services
Subscription Features Training & Setup Ongoing Support Eligibility & Benefit Checks Enrollment Assistance Claims Submission Capability Rejection Workgroups LCD/NCD/CCI Edit Scrubbing Secondary Claims Electronic Resubmission of Denials Claim Tracking Robust Any-time Reporting Unlimited ERA Access Unlimited ERA Auto-Posting
Claims & Benefit Checking
Benefit Checking   Only                    
Packages and Pricing
Tiers Monthly Fee # Transactions Included Additional Transactions and/or paper claims One Time Startup Fee Annual Fee
1 $68 100 $0.49 $250 $0
2 $118 250 $0.49 $250 $0
3 $188 500 $0.49 $250 $0
4 $318 1000 $0.49 $250 $0
Custom Call Call Call $250 $0
Benefit Checking Only Monthly Fee Included Transactions Overage Fee One-Time Implementation Fee
Tier 1 $48 100 $0.49 $100
Tier 2 $78 250 $0.49 $100
Tier 3 $128 500 $0.49 $100
Tier 4 $198 1000 $0.49 $100
Additional transactions or paper claims are 0.49 each for all tiers. 
Included transactions refer to the total number of claims and/or benefit checking transactions included in pricing tier. ERAs are unlimited and do not count toward your claims and/or benefit checking transaction totals. Additional pricing tiers are available for practices with more than 1,000 total transactions per month. Fees include billing for one tax id number. Auto-posting Files are included with any package containing claims submission and/or electronic remittance files.  
*Note: Enrollment Assistance, Rejection Workgroups, High-level Claims Scrubbing, Electronic Resubmission, Robust Reporting and ERA Auto-posting are generally NOT included in competitor's base offerings.
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