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Say Goodbye to Paper EOBs

Take control of your accounts receivables with our ERA management service. It automatically interprets remittance information received from your payers – information that typically arrives in a paper EOB – and delivers it to you electronically.

Remittance information in this format is easier to manage than stacks of paper EOBs. And it’s accessible in a fraction of the time so you can start the reconciliation process sooner.

Our ERA Management service gives you…

Dynamic search options

  • Search and sort remittance information by provider, payer, date range, check number, or payment method

Detailed summary views

  • Summary views with reasons for adjustments, denials, and reductions
  • Transaction-level and claim-level summaries

Practical information management

  • Remittance information is automatically stored for you for seven years
  • Export your reports into Excel format for easy remittance advice archiving
  • Print by patient as needed for secondary claim processing with printer-friendly EOBs.
  • Download and import ERA into your compatible practice management
    software for auto-posting in a snap
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